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nick AudunNilsen
country Norway
languages English, Norwegian


A lifelong interest.

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Ever since reading the annals of Norway at age seven, I've been a huge fan of history.

I can recite the evolutionary rise of man from a treehugger the size of your hand to a spear-god inciting nations to follow his path and on, to the history of capitalism, of mercantilism and of monumental architecture. I can tell you all about Roman law and diplomacy, about German origins, about Mongol codes of virtue, about chain slavery, and my down to earth-approach hasn't stopped me from picking up a little something about Greek statesmanship, philosophy and art. I can paint a virtual map of the travels of mankind by refferring to genetic evidence. Best of all - for the most part, I can do it with the times and the dates squarely set in place.

I find the interactive way of learning is the best way to learn and a sparring partner can be good to have as you do your own research. I can be that sparring partner, showing you the ropes, giving you my two cents, letting you in on trade secrets if I have to, and I'll give you the study tools that I, myself, use every day. What's crucial in learning is that you immerse yourself in the subject.