Data Structures(DS), Design & Analysis of Algorithms(DAA), Operating Systems(OS), Discrete Mathematics(DM), Theory of Automata & Formal Languages, Computer Network, C Language, C++, Java, ASP.NET, CSharp(C#)

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nick ashishtayal
country India
languages English, Hindi


M.Tech (CS), Amity University, 2014-2017, 9.93
M.Tech (IT), KSOU, 2010, 84%
B.Tech (CS), College of Engg. Roorkee UPTU, 2004, 71%

Experience: 13 years

About me

• Worked as Assistant Professor in Vishveswarya Group of Instituitions, Greater Noida from October’2013 – March'2015.

• Worked as AP-III (Assistant Professor – III, Department of CS) in “IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad” from August’2008 – September’2013.

(Subjects taught are Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures Using C, ASP.NET Using C#, Theory of Automata & Formal Languages, Computer Organization, Computer Concepts and Programming in C, Computer Graphics, Client Server Computing, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, and Operating Systems etc.).

• Worked as Software Engineer having 1.7 years of experience in Mobile Software development as a part of growing and developing company “Mobisoft Telesoft Pvt. Ltd.” From December’2006 – July’2008 and developed various applications for various major operators like Reliance Communications, Airtel, Star and Vodafone etc.

• Worked as a Lecturer (Department of CS/IT) in “Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut” from February’2005 – December’2006.

(Subjects taught are Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Theory of Automata, Computer Graphics, and Fundamentals of IT).

• Worked as Software development Engineer having 8 months of experience in Software development company “Phoneytunes.Com” from June’2004 – February’2005.


My Personal statement about teaching:
I believe I am a demanding, fair instructor and provide the best to my students because teaching is a hobby for me.
The most important skills and habits of mind that I want students to learn in my classes are:
1.Developing students’ problem solving strategies
2.Insuring that students understand foundational concepts
3.Modeling expert problem solving
4.Teaching students to work collaboratively
5.Reduce Math or Science anxiety
6.Students learn best when they are engaged in active inquiry.
7.Students learn most when they have opportunities to undertake tasks similar to those undertaken by professionals within a discipline.
8.Students need opportunities to work on authentic problems using authentic kinds of evidence.

Overall, I try to engage my students in lecture and present them with skills. If I can give them a solid foundation in the subject I am teaching and teach them one thing that transcends the Sciences, then I have been successful.
I love to teach and am always looking for new and more advanced ways of challenging my students to think outside the box and become good citizens.

Teaching experience
1. Published a book named Design And Analysis of Algorithms, Vikas Publications, New Delhi
2. Published a book named Data Structure Using C, Global Vision Publication, New Delhi
3. Published a book named Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science, Vikas Publications, New Delhi.
4. Published a research paper named “Design and Analysis of Sorting Algorithm Using Binomial Heap” in CACCS-2013, Dehradun.
5. Got three times Excellent Faculty award in IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad.
6. Developed educational technology curriculum for delivery of classroom and online coursework.
7. Inspired students to integrate technology into daily classroom activities.
8. Scheduled and led small group training sessions.