Fun Learning Vietnamese/English and Chinese with Daisy

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nick dsl308
country Viet Nam
languages Chinese, English, Vietnamese


If you want to learn Vietnamese,it 's very easy because it's my mother language and I have a lot of experience to share with you.
If you want to learn English,I can help you improve your English speaking skill,I'm an English teacher in high school and have 15 years experience enough to teach you.
If you want to learn Chinese,it's piece of cake,it's also my second mother language because I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese.

I teach Vietnamese and English free for hard and poor family and orphan children want to learn languages,I also teach Vietnamese for foreign tourist visit my country and always help them as much as I can.I have a Vietnamese and English class for native speakers or everyone who want to learn those languages.
So I'm ready to help everyone want to study my languages I can teach,It's very nice to have you as my learner as like as friends.

Experience: 20 years

About me

My name is Daisy,I'm from Vietnam,I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese.I can speak 3 languages : Vietnamese,English,Chinese well,I live in Ho Chi Minh city when I was young until now.I was a good student at school,best is languages skill and have a lot of rewards from I started to go to school.I speak my mother languages fluently and would like to teach you this language if you are interested in studying Vietnamese.It's very easy to learn,just need to be patient and like to learn this language.You will speak and write Vietnamese for a short time not over 6 months.I'm a friendly and funny person,when you learn with me you will spend a lot of fun times because not only I teach you Vietnamese but also share to you everything about Vietnam country,people,cultures and tell you many stories.We look like friends while we're learning and I'm always ready to help you everything you want to know and answer all questions you ask me if you like about Vietnamese and myself if I can answer.Hope we will be great partners,it's my pleasure when I have you be my student as like as friends.
I also can teach you English and Chinese if you want to learn,I have a lot of experience to help you learn languages quickly and speak automatically.