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nick urag18245
country India
languages English, Hindi


Graduation - B. Tech., Computers (Computer Science and Engineering)

From - National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala, India

Experience: 11 years

About me

I started teaching friends and siblings in my early school and later I taught students (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th) in coaching center. I taught Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Teaching helped to to understand the topics well. Later I did B. Tech. In CSE and continued helping others which helped me to grasp the things very well.
Now I'm a software professional in Hyderabad. Even today I used to learn, revise, practice the things done before and new things. I discus and teach things to others to the best of my knowledge. I can see that there are lots of things which are not taught in academics and with a little extra effort and guidance, students can learn them very well and use them in coming days.
The areas which I would like to teach are Computer Science and Mathematics.
In computer science, I take care of many subjects like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Combinatorics, Compiler Design, Computational Geometry, Computational Number Theory & Cryptography, Database Systems and Design, Graph Theory, Natural Language Processing, Operating Systems, Operations Research, Pattern Recognition, Principles of Programming Languages, Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Functional Programming, Computational Complexities, Basic and Engineering Mathematics etc.
More includes Data Structures and Algorithms (Basic and Advance courses), Problem Solving and Reasoning, Object Oriented Design and Analysis, Design Patterns, Programming in C/C++/Java/Unix/Oracle/Web/Python/Matlab.
As for as programming is concerned, I feel learning a language like C/C++ or Java is not a big deal. If you know any of these, with a little effort, any other language can be learned. The major effort comes where you want to solve a problem using proper Data Structure, Algorithm or OOPS technique and that's where many of us don't do well. It takes time to learn these techniques and with continuous sincere effort, these things can be mastered. I would like to teach in this style and would like similar quest from other side.
I have been teaching Mathematics upto 12th for almost 7 years and a a little time for B. Sc. And B. Tech.
I'm a software professional. On daily basis I do development work in Java/C/C++/Web/Unix/Linux/Oracle/OOPS Design/Data Structures and Algorithm. I spend some of my time in learning new things and help others to the best of my knowledge. I (http://www.Geeksforgeeks.Org/about/) write articles (http://www.Geeksforgeeks.Org/author/anurag-singh/) in a geek portal (http://www.Geeksforgeeks.Org/) time to time and help people to the best of my knowledge (https://disqus.Com/by/disqus_6XXZZ4vn6J/ )