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nick AndyLong
country Australia
languages English, German


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I studied physics in Frankfurt a.M./Germany with the main focus on particle accelerators and astronomy and finished my masters degree in 2015. Math is the universal language or tool to describe everything that happens and I we use it every day.

I worked as a tutor for labwork at the university for over five years and supervised students of all different subjects during that time. That included reading lectures, taking exams, marking their lab reports but also coaching them if necessary one-on-one. Beside university I also gave private lessons for everyone and every age, from pre-school up to high semester university students. The feedback was always positive and the success rate during exams or the rising school grades showed that it worked well.

After I got my masters degree I went full time for a short period with 50 hours per week during the exams phase. I coached mainly medical students during thier science lab work and prepared them for the exams. The passing rate was way above avarage and most of them even had fun learning math and physics. I think this is the key

Experience: 8 years

About me

Don't expect some stereotype you know from  "The big bang theory". I like the show but I must disappoint you. I always was curious about the world and always wanted to know everything. This feeling got a bit lost during school because it was an obligation to learn and as a teenager school sucks anyway. Then I studied physics and at some point I got this enthusiasm back that I love learning new things no matter what topic. I started working as a tutor for science labwork and realized that sharing this excitement for the learning itself is the key. For school kids it works even better. If you are curious and excited about the challenge, studying is no longer an obligation but a passion. It takes a bit of patience for student and tutor and perhaps ten different ways of explaining something but at one point this "click" is nearly rewarding enough and the better grades are just the icing on the cake.


Why math?

Every school teaches math but the majority of the students hates it. Ever wondered why? The standard answer which I heared so often from my teachers: "Because you will need it later in your job".

But this isn't the answer. You don't need math later in your job, you don't even need math right now. You don't need math at all, no one does. You can live totally fine without it. Right? You also could live without language, but what would your life be like? Imagine living in a foriegn country without even being able to say "hello".  Do you really want to live like that just because it's "too hard" to learn the language?

A very smart man once told me: "The problem with math is that everyone can learn it". What he meant was: Unfortunately  there is no genetic excuse or a lack of talent that makes you unable to learn math. Everyone can do it, no matter where you are from, what age you are or how good you are at the moment. You just have to start.

Math is like an universal language and like every language you learn it the easiest by simply doing it. The whole life contains math and nearly everything can be described with it. There is even an equation  for the perfect marrage. So wouldn't it be neat to understand it or even better to be able to speak it?

So to be exact: you don't need to learn math but if you want to understand this universal language which nearly everyone speaks, whch makes your everyday life easier and enables you to get a cool job as everything you want...perhaps you should overhink you opinion and give it another try.

If you are now thinking: "What is he talking about? Math makes my life harder not easier". Let me show you how it works.