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nick denixmsebastian
country India
languages English, Hindi, Malayalam


Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from National Instute of Technology Karanataka which is a premier institute in India. Passed all grades with excellent results. Now working as a full time Professor

Experience: 6 years

About me

I am a post graduate in engineering. I am an experienced professor working in an engineering college. Any grade students can seek my help for subjects like mathematics, physics, mechanics etc. I maintain a strong commitment to teaching, in part because I love to teach and in part because I believe that science education especially mahematics can help students grow into informed and active citizens.Learning is often measured by the amount of information a student has absorbed. I think this is an easy but uninspired vision of learning. Learning, in an exciting sense, really happens when factual knowledge is accompanied by the ability to apply knowledge, to synthesize, to make predictions and judgments, and ultimately, to make defensible normative claims. To do this, I may occasionally and intentionally create a learning environment that is uncomfortable for students because it is so unfamiliar to them. I think that students often learn best and most in moments when they are pushed to think beyond what they know (or think they know). This is especially true when learning science subjects, in which the goal is to allow students to develop principled stands of their own understanding. I also believe that in teaching, as in life, one cannot afford to fear failure. Instead, I strive to remain open to learning from my successes and failures in the classes and to learning something important about myself, about science or about the world every time I step into my classes.