chemistry, physics, math

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nick Saqu
country Pakistan
languages English, Persian, Urdu


Public School and College
TEACHER April 2016 - 
Responsible for assisting in the educational and social development of pupils under the direction and guidance of the head teacher. In charge organising classes and responding to the strengths and needs of students during lessons. Duties:
 Working in accordance with the school’s curriculum statement and policies.
 Monitoring and assessing a pupil’s progress.
 Participating in the development of appropriate syllabuses, materials and Schemes of Work.
 Ensuring confidentiality at all times.
 Carrying out a share of supervisory duties.
 Participating in and contributing to staff meetings.
 Actively involved in curriculum review and development.
 Teaching within the designated subject areas.
 Ensuring the correct use and care of equipment and resources is maintained.
 Participating in appropriate meetings with parents.
 Planning and preparing appropriate lessons and suitable teaching materials.


Army pulic school
TEACHER March 2014 –  September  2015
Responsible for making a positive and regular contribution to the school’s extra-curricular and enrichment programme; leading, coaching and supporting students to develop their academic skills but also their sporting talents and outside interests. Duties:
 Supporting classroom management and assisting with general administration.
 Maintaining the fabric of the classroom and creating a stimulating environment for students to work in.
 Providing administrative support.
 Keeping up to date with new teaching initiatives.
 Maintaining records of student admissions and records.
 Maintaining up-to-date classroom displays.
 Setting and subsequently marking and assessing pupils’ work done both at school and at home.
 Liaising effectively with parents.
 Helping to manage pupil behaviour and discipline

Experience: 4 years

About me

I can help students understand complicated concepts and achieve their goals in chemistry. I have experience in teaching and tutoring range of students from middle school to college. I am able to work with the student to set definable goals and strategies that will allow those goals to be achieved. I enjoy working with students as they become aware of the logic and beauty of chemistry. I have tutored all levels of Chemistry while I was working on my Ph.D. in organic chemistry. I have led group discussions to assist these students to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. I was also an undergraduate teaching assistant helping students understand the fundamental ideas in introductory general chemistry and organic chemistry. I am very familiar with the AP chemistry curriculum for high school. I can provide help and guidance so that the student can achieve the highest mark on the test. I believe in engaging the student in a discussion based learning. This method allows me to understand the depth of the understanding from where I can then prepare the kinds of questions that will focus on the ideas and concepts that the student finds challenging