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Raíces Maestras ELE - Spanish Classes Online

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15.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick raicesmaestrasele
country Chile
languages English, Italian, Spanish


Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Instituo ELE Baires, Argentina.

Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Colegio Tía Tula, Spain.

Management. UNLP, Argentina.


Experience: 2 years

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RAÍCES MAESTRAS - Spanish Classes Online

+++Conversation sessions                                                                         +++Personalized weekly activities based on your goals and interests +++Constant support through Google Apps

Hi! If you are reading this, you are already in your way to boost your skills and master this beautiful language. My name is Francisco, and I would like to invite you to RAICES MAESTRAS, the online language school that I founded after many years of teaching and travelling.

How are we going to work?

* The classes will consist in conversations through video-calls, on Skype or Hangouts. Sessions will last 30’ or 60’ depending on your choice, using target language all the time preferably. We will talk about different topics, focusing on communication and fluency as main goals.

* Every week, I will send you a pair of activities to keep working along with the conversation sessions. Keeping in mind your interests and goals with the language, and trying to cover all the areas: oral and written expression, listening and reading comprehension.

* Google Documents is great platform to work with, because when you share a file, it gives permit to two or more persons to visualize and edit the same document. This allows constant support on your work. So I suggest to create a document,“The Blog”, where you will be able to keep a record of the sessions. I recommend you to use links to add to your Blog anything you think would be of help in your learning process, for instance: grammar or vocabulary notes, activities, interesting topics, links to the dictionary, useful websites, etc.

* Finally, any doubt or question that may arise at anytime, do not hesitate to contact me through Google Hangouts, as I will answer as soon as possible.