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nick Daniel.Art
country United States
languages English, Portuguese, Spanish


I have been teaching at three different English academies in China and the U.S for the majority of the past 4 years,  My students have ranged from new English learners to advanced students, and I have taught everything from basic phonics and the alphabet, to conversation and grammar, up to idiom usage, public speaking practice, and TOEFL preparation. I can say with pride that my TOEFL students' scores increased significantly under my supervision, especially in the areas of writing and speaking.

Experience: 4 years

About me

I believe the biggest key to learning English is patience. Not only patience from the teacher for the student, but also patience for the student with themselves. English is absolutely a difficult language, and being a native speaker, I will be the first to admit this. But it is not impossible! With the proper motivation and engagement of the material, anyone can learn anything they set their mind to.

I have specific ideas on how I feel it is best to approach learning the different aspects of English, whether it is writing, conversational skills,or grammar rules, but of course not everyone learns the same way! If you don't know where to start, I can always suggest how I would like to approach your learning, but ultimately, YOU know best how you learn, so I am always open to suggestions and ideas a student may have about how they would like to spend their classes with me.