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English Conversation, Pronunciation, IELTS, Writing and Essay Preparation

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nick DianaB
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I have a first class degree in English literature, a certificate in teaching English from the University of British Columbia, and a diploma in teaching English from Vancouver Community College. I have fifteen years teaching experience at the University of British Columbia, in Canadian government programs, and in private schools. I have also tutored lots of students one on one. I wrote a book on teaching English conversation to beginners, and I have business experience.

Experience: 15 years

About me

Hello, my name is Diana. I am a native English speaker from Vancouver, but I live in Asia. I have a clear, neutral accent and I speak at a speed that learners can understand. I like to teach all aspects of English, particularly conversation, pronunciation, and writing. If you choose to study conversation with me, you can pick a short video on any topic that interests you, and we can discuss it together. If you would like, I can help you choose a video or a conversation topic. I have lots of interesting resources. I can give you a short video that has a transcript (words), so you can read and listen at the same time, watch as many times as you want, and look up any words you don't know. You can do this on your own time, so you only pay for the time we spend discussing the video. If you don't have time to watch videos, we can use a discussion worksheet instead.

You can ask me about Canada, South East Asia, or Europe, and you can tell me about your country, your studies, your job, or your life. You will do most of the talking! I will listen carefully to your English and suggest grammar exercises for you to review before our next lesson. You can do the grammar exercises on your own time, and if you have any questions, ask me during our next lesson. I will also listen carefully to your pronunciation and give you feedback and exercises so you can improve. I won't interrupt you to correct every error you make, but I will give you enough feedback so you can improve with each lesson. We can also look at conversation skills such as how to interrupt politely, how to change subjects, and so on.

If you are studying for the IELTS, the TOEFL or other tests, working on your pronunciation is one of the easiest ways to improve your score. Without good pronunciation and lots of speaking practice, it is difficult to do well on these tests. Working on your pronunciation will make you more successful in job interviews and at work, and it will improve your listening skills. Having good pronunciation will allow you to have easier, longer conversations with English speakers that you meet in everyday life, so you will get more speaking practice. It's a good idea to have your pronunciation assessed as soon as possible so you don't develop bad habits that can hold you back. I will assess your pronunciation during the trial lesson.

I have taught pronunciation classes at least 30 times at the University of British Columbia and in private schools, so I can target areas where you need to improve and show you exactly what to do. I won't waste your time on things you already know. I have a colour system for vowels that learners find really helpful and lots of fun activities.

Students usually like to spend most of the lesson on conversation with about 20 per cent focussed on grammar and pronunciation, but the choice is up to you. 

I am an easy person to talk to. I like talking about movies, fashion, politics, economics, psychology, business, jobs, music, books, food, yoga, dating, current events, travel, health, culture, and so on. I like to meet people from other cultures. It’s okay if you make mistakes, and it’s okay if your English isn’t perfect. I'm here to help you improve.

I also like to teach writing. I have taken several editing courses and I am a published author. We can focus on writing essays, on shorter pieces, or on business writing. I have a degree in English literature, so I have lots of experience with essays and can show you a few step by step formulas that produce good results. I'll make sure you understand what your instructor is looking for. If you need to apply for university or for a job, we can work on that together too.

The type of lesson depends on your needs and English level. As well as the pronunciation assessment, during the trial lesson we can chat and get to know each other. You can tell me what your goals are, so I can plan the next lesson. Please contact me through Skype, and we can set a time to have a 30 minute trial lesson. My ID is teacherdianab_1 (all one word). I look forward to working with you. I hope you will enjoy learning English as much as I enjoy teaching!