Programming Techniques-DFD etc Beginners and Advanced

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nick hackerecuatoriano
country Colombia
languages English, Spanish


I was the director of the Army with the best results with certifications , i charged and covered ALLthe country security 4 years and by merits gave car mothocycle , and the confidential person from the main command Ecuador =), later i had to travell to colombia where also i am certified by army ESIING SUPERIOR UNIVERSITY of military engeenering, my laborls where creating our own virus, Antiviral Systems, and comunications systems =). if could speak more honest a wtf ? i got i vulnarated all countries security there is mastercard 4 digits paycard login also ? heheh i am really friendly i am a PRO @ecuadorianhack, along this priod i knew to Dmitry from Kl south america who ranked to go to CROACIA to know R && D security and Cloud Security i didn't recieve the support by the country jet we get along with Him and asks me help wtf ?

I've created my own antiviral and process control system, and hacked and tested for the army all my lifes getting the jobs by results, now i countries generals i can probe this calls me to try to hire me to hack countries, i am the REAL expert for this UNIT and GROUP certify by captains and More.

I pen tested all consorsium and areas many real hacking techniques and proofs even i got access to hotmail =) like root N times i could by proofs extract in from of the systenm manager all documents and vulnarate all Microsoft Hotmail DOMAIN like root still there is a lot of secrets over this i have jet this proofs ,also the internet and external networks, how i repeat i develop my own VIRAL and Antiviral technology i am know by www.gedzac.com team, honest i charged to extract documents from countries jum and this was known by my colombian case but i was declared like innocent, because it is not ilegal if you hack for the country just if you hack the country , i am a professional i eat with captains but the main i have equippemnts many computers and i love what i do .

I am the system manager and i keep business with them, i would like something better and stable i charge of all systems, i program in c++, i am professional i have passed the University even i left it when the army in Ecuador hired me, jet i hold contacts with them we're friends even i work in colombia, i get along with many teams, i anm VIRUS developers but i am christian since 16 years old, also i have worked for the IT police, what i tell you if you know the real, world hacking enviroment and pen test matter what you aproach and many times a company can improve i am not a beginners i am the developer of many unknow virus attacks and networks attacks to be honest =).

I was who interchange technology between china and colombia for security equipments test, for example jammers,GSM interceptors passive and Globals, hacking tecnology and investigations tecgnology jet i get along with the main manager Ruben Perlaza. one of my best friends is a chinese person .i repeat almost all of my jobs since i began with the ecuadorian army jet my country id says PUBLIC GOV employee, i dont want you get confuse i am ex agent with id, =) govermment person who has recieved programming since 10 years old, i loved this to protect and to create technology to protect later i moved and yes i know people underground whose are history . and believes in GOD. there is more if you can let me you don't waste your time with me, i recieve really daily underground calls even to clone credid cards but i don't i am christian since 16, but when you speak about Real security ? Hum i remembered when by my self i lost the mastercard paycard key he i developed my own technology and guess i hot my password back. and this with countries and army, i am certify by captains i am really polite and friendly,

ALl Know hacking techniques + Plus my own + i would like to show many type of attacks and hacking unknow techniques i am not who goes posting all, i keep for my techniques . i can program char codes, i just use Slackware Linux based, Red Hat i love this Os . and if we speak about skills Jum RFI,LFI,Api Programming, Char Coding, BOF,Crawling, All OS knowldge linux,unix,REAL windows MSC, Registry hklm/hkcu/hkcr/hku/hkcc creating Exe extensions to viring, Remote Shell Coding Attacks, Card Cloning =) . Boxing. and i think yes now you have an idea,SQL injection TOOLs my Own techniques, Scripting OS,and related . My Brute forcing By passing, tampering etc etc etc.

Experience: 24 years

About me

 - I can teach all the beginnings for you get all the skills when you begin to program in dfd enviroment and c,pascal,c++ techniques sentences,functions, introduce you to the real programming world.


-And if you are a programmer would like to speak with me, all the techniques clear code, or to speak how about to develop a university project etc.