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Dive into English (A day without learning, is a day wasted.)

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nick Turtle
country Philippines
languages English


 I am a highly compassionate and approachable teaching professional, with over 20 years of classroom and online instructional experience. I am a resourceful, energetic professional involved in all levels of student development, including cognitive expansion, behavior modification and social growth. With over a decade of classroom experience, combined with teacher mentoring, community service and dedication, along with possessing the ability to enhance the objectives and goals of the student, I believe that together we can achieve your dreams of English language fluency and accuracy.  I will train you to pass the TOEFL iBT or the IELTS exam. 

Experience: 20 years

About me

I am an American expat currently residing in the Philippines. I am a Master Scuba Diver, which is what brought  me to this wonderful archipelago. Allow me to describe more of my teaching background and my methodology.

Being a versatile educator, I have taken the opportunity to instruct a wide variety of students from various backgrounds and all facets of society. As a result, I am a compassionate teacher, who remains sensitive to students unique needs, employs effective listening, provides individual and whole group support, integrates multicultural teaching units, and offers positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and motivated.

  One of the most effective ways that I assist EFL/ESL students is by developing and presenting comprehensible and stimulating lesson plans that facilitate all learning styles. I research, locate, and incorporate a variety of resources to accommodate students via visual, audio, tactile, and kinesthetic methods. In addition, I integrate literature, Writer’s Workshops, phonics activities, and technology to ensure that each student is able to comprehend and retain the concepts and language. My goal is to foster and maintain an open, honest, communicative, and supportive classroom, in which each student feels safe, secure, special, and appropriately challenged.

I use either the Skype or Zoom platform to conduct my classes. Please inform me which you prefer, and be sure to pass on your Skype name or Zoom Id. Thank you