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French basics, synthesis, or more advanced

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nick French.san
country France
languages English, French



French native

I have also always been interested in reading and writing, french literature;

In france or during my travels, i have given private courses in several occasions,

most of the time in informal meetings or more prepared.

I can give different points of view to the teaching;

My personal preference goes to serious but cool teaching, using simple examples of the daily life, trying to give a clear and funny path to learn.

And i think that this is the best way to understand and to improve ourselves;

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question or a lesson.

Experience: 3 years

About me

Hello, Bonjour I am a french native, always interested in different cultures, travelling, sharing with sympathetic people, nature and defense of animal rights, arts and crafts, spirituality, martial arts, and many other things;  From my personal studies, works and travels, i have always been passionnate to improve my knowledges and know-how in many domains; And of course, i like to share and transmit what i know; If this can be helpful for someone in this way, this is a gift for me also;  My experiences of teaching, in the french language, in drawing and some crafts technics, in meditation also, have often been quite natural, and "free-style"; By travelling, or during talks, the occasions for private tuition are more funny and simple;  By teaching more to others persons, i would like also to improve myself in this way, in order to give cool but useful and serious teachings; My teaching style is for this reason simple, and "relax", and in an equal rapport and respect with the person.  For example, by teaching french, i try to give a large vision of the french language, or on the contrary, precise teaching for useful aspects, such as learning to talk in a daily conversation,  introducing yourself, using numbers, knowing the more useful phrases and words for a travelling experience in france, or in the french speakers countries; French language teaching is naturally my main domain, as a native speaker;  But i also like to transmit some more personal passions and skills, such as drawing basics and travel sketches, ink and watercolor illustrations, the creation of crafts books, and other skills. Meditation and martials arts take part also of my path; I practiced  aikido and karate in france during high school and university, i studied zen buddhism, taoism, yoga (specially meditation and pranayama, in raja yoga and jnana yoga) and other singular visions. My english is not perfect, but i can always be understood, most of the time ! I always try to improve myself also in this language. I travelled several times in asia, specially in japan, where i lived or traveled (by bicycle also) few months; Japanese culture is always one of my passions, but i am open to many others cultures, life styles, the protection of the natural world, and so on !


First lesson : 

A general and adapted lesson : 

- Learn the basics of the french language

Alphabet, pronunciation, numbers and count

First useful words and expressions

Basic vocabulary

For a general teaching  and more advanced :

We can see the grammatical and conjugation basics

Learning to form phrases, for talks and daily situations

(Introducing yourself, giving your opinion, asking questions and tell what you want, in a conversation, and so on)