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nick nikkierikkie1
country Jamaica
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Writing has been my passion since the day I was brought to this earth. I started writing at the tender age of 3 years old when I entered an essay competition in my Kindergarten. I won the award for best essay and for best topic. From then on my passion for writing and for teaching, by extension increased. This saw me entering many essay competitions throughout my years of high school and University. I received awards for some and nothing for others but whether or not I received an award I really enjoyed it because I was able to express myself and allowed my imagination to run wild. In my second year of University my friend would sometimes ask me to assist her with her college essay assignments because she was disabled (blind). Each assignment I practically did for her she received a very good grade and this really motivated me to start helping other students who needed help in their assignments. Before I knew it, I developed a passion for teaching and so during the weekends I would tutor high school students in the areas of English Language, Sociology and History. They too received very good grades in their written assignments because of my help. In time, my History lecturer recognized me passion for writing and researching and so he gave me a job as his research assistant in the field of history. This I did for 1 year. At this point my passion for writing and research increased even more and as such I enrolled in a number of research classes while at University. After completing University, I applied for a job as an English teacher at a prominent high school in my country where I worked for 3 years. I later on applied for online jobs as an online English tutor which I did for 2 years, teaching nonnative English speakers. I then came across a site seeking for persons to help students with their written assignments and I applied and was able to assist a number of persons who were very satisfied with me work and even recommended their friends and family to me

Experience: 5 years

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Students will have dialogues with me in an aid to improve their speaking skills. They will be corrected and given tips on how to improve their English speaking skills.