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Improve your skill and confidence with a native British tutor: For children and adults of all levels and ability!

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nick Aaron88
country Italy
languages English, Italian


During the past four years I've taught English in a variety of institutions and situations:

  • The native conversation teacher at both public and private language schools.
  • I facilitated English workshops for children.
  • I have home-tutored privately for both children and adults.
  • And every summer I tutor hundreds of children at fully-immersive English summer camps.

I have a TEFL-TP certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language through Theatre and Play) with over 400 hours of practical experience in this area and can provide letters of recommendation for each of my teaching positions.

Experience: 4 years

About me


I understand that learning is a challenge, especially when it's a foreign language. It's not something you can simply learn on your own from a book. You need a guide, someone who understands your reasons for learning, how you learn and how you grow intellectually and emotionally (communication is an emotional experience).
This is my passion as a teacher; not only sharing the language but in helping people achieve, not only their academic goals, but improving their confidence.
Because I have lived and taught abroad for several years, I can naturally adapt my level of English to suite that which is required by my students. I don't speak with slang, a dialect or an accent, unless requested.
My greatest strength is conversation, I believe it to be most important when learning English as it simply is not a phonetic language and is the most difficult area of English to study for this reason.
Having traveled a lot myself, I understand how useful even basic English can be for work and social life. But, even more than the ability to speak English accurately, what is important is the CONFIDENCE to communicate. I've met many people with a high level of English, but who don't have the confidence to use it. On the contrary, I know many people with a low level of English who communicate very well because they are not afraid to try!
So, with myself as your tutor, you can be sure that it is my goal not only to improve your level of English, but also to improve your confidence in USING that English!

Kind regards,