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nick Pelcznica.123
country Poland
languages English, Polish


University of Wroclaw Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1969.

● 1974 M.A. thesis Efficiency of Polish Phonological Systems, the work was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hab. Jerzy Woronczak. The effectiveness of Polish Phonological and Phonemic Structure

● 1979, she started a Ph.D. thesis on; Theoretical Ground Rules of The Stages of Effective Communication. She had not finished her dissertation.

● July 1994 – Diploma Proficiency British Consul.

● June 1995 - Diploma of the Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication in The Organization and Management, organized by Wroclaw Polytechnics, the University of Wroclaw and Central Connecticut State University.

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Experience: 40 years

About me

Private English Online lessons with Halina I understand what YOU need to succeed with English. I know the essential skills you need to develop to become an effective communicator in English. I would love to teach you one-to-one! I am available for private lessons on Skype or in my virtual classroom. My online classroom is equipped with a microphone, camera, whiteboard, media player, file sharing, and a variety of other tools. I have 25 years of experience teaching private English lessons to adults and adolescents from beginning level to advanced. My students have included business executives, professors, medicine doctors, engineers, university students, primary and secondary school students, and adults learning English for daily life. I know I can help you make significant, fast ae well as adequate progress in English. For your program, you can choose any of the topics listed below or suggest additional topics. I will design the lessons to suit your specific needs. General Conversation Skills Everyday expressions, idioms, slang, conversation themes and situations, cultural issues, and skill-building in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Business English Interview and CV preparation, oral and written reports and presentations, formal and informal business meetings, entrepreneurial culture, office English, and skill-building in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Academic English Interview preparation, university applications, oral presentations, academic vocabulary, academic writing and research, academic culture, campus English, and skill-building in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Exam Preparation TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, CAE, FCE, CPE, PET, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT