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nick jhoganda
country Philippines
languages English, Filipino


Qualifications & Experience


School / College : Columban College

Degree : Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

Date Graduated : March 2000


Sc hool / College : Academy for Creating Enterprise

Degree : Business Management

Date Graduated : August 29, 2004



*Teaching Experience

1) Company : 51Talk

Period : June 2013 – August 2016

Position : Online English Teacher ( Part Time)

Students' Ages : 3-45


2) Company : Freeport Institute for Research, Science and Technology

Period : October 2004- September 2010

Position : College Instructor ( Part Time)

Students' Ages : 16-25

Subjects Handled : Various English Subjects, Technical Writing, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Tourism, Philosophy , Human Resources

Management, Entrepreneurship


3) Company : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Period : Sept 2002– Present

Position : Business Course Facilitator , Gospel Teacher ( Part Time)

Students' Ages : 3-70


4) Presently Teaching my my two (2) kids Home Schooling

Students' Ages : ten (10) and seven (7)


Oth er Experiences


1) Company : Paper Browse Docu worx

Period : January 2015 - Present

Position : Owner / General Manager

Nature of Business : Real estate services provider, Documentation, Sales, Marketing and Management Contracting


2) Company : Oneson Properties & Development Corporation

Period : May 7, 2012- December 31, 2014

Position : Sales and Marketing Director


< p>3) Company : FIRST (Freeport Institute for Research, Science and Technology)

Position : Admin Asst. To Human Resources Manager

Period : Sept 2002-August 2006

Experience: 10 years

About me

Hi! I’m Joenalyn Abalos from the Philippines!

I’m 37 years old, happily married with 2 kids. I graduated in year 2000 with a degree in Mass Communication. Teaching is my passion. I have more than 6 years teaching experience. Apart from being a teacher, I also have a wide range of work experience which includes, Human Resources Management, Administrative Management,  entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing and Real Estate.

There are a lot of opportunities to work in a traditional school but as for a full time mother i prefer to teach online.  It  is undeniably, the most convenient way to earn money nowadays. Furthermore, I get to learn various cultures from different students  whom I teach. Best of all it feels so rewarding to see the progress of my students despite the struggle they experience in learning the English language. For me, that is priceless!

I have experienced teaching English to both adults and kids, professionals and students online. It’s challenging and at the same time  it’s also rewarding! It's an honor to apply for this position to your prestigious company! I believe i have all the qualifications suitable for this job. I am passionate and  dedicated in everything i do. I have the right attitude to get all things done. I look forward to hear from you very soon! See you!