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nick sanshu333
country India
languages English


I have had numerous experiences of teaching during my time in university and before. Currently pursuing bachelor degree in Asia's first and world's third space institute. Going by the saying "You have not understood well enough, if you cannot teach it", I have always tried to understand and teach all my subject. I have tutored many topics of Mathematics and Science like Algebra, Discrete Maths, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Basic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, I love Physics and am fascinated to teach the subject.

I remember back in junior high, I had a really great math teacher.He took a subject I hated and made it fun and engaging for me. I think that’s what inspired me to become a teacher.

My goal is to make an impact on my students not only academically but in other areas of their lives as well.There’s something satisfying about helping students solve problems you remember struggling with yourself in the past.Kind of like running into someone you’ve not met in a long time, except you are doing so much better than them now.

Experience: 2 years

About me

I can teach chemistry ,physics and maths whatever doubt you have and I am sure it will clear your doubt as well answer your question.

In chemstry all physical, inorganic and organic chemistry i can teach you in detail as you want. 

In maths all algebra, trignometry, geometry, airthmetic etc . i can teach in the simplest manner.

In physics also all parts of physics classical, gravitaion, electromagnetism, optical etc. i can teach in a very simple and interesting manner.

The best thisng is that i can help you any time whenever you want my help all 24 hour a day.