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How to be a good English speaker when you are travelling!

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nick Dena16
country Albania
languages Albanian, English, French, German


I study Information Techonology on the second year of the university but English is my favourite language ever. I love to learn a lot of different languages so I know German, French and Albanian which is my native language. I have been learning English since I was 6 years old till now. I have been working as a telemarketer wich the campaign operated with Canada so I have been also practising it everyday for 1 year. As it comes to International Test. I have done an Oxford Test and the nivel of my English there is nivel B2. Always i have been a good student in English at high school, even at university and I read a lot in English especially books,magazines and also social medias or online medias.

Experience: 13 years

About me

English is a world wide language and everyone nowdays knows how to communicate in English. Even some simple words. When you go abroad you might have difficulties while exploring the city or you cant find the way to go back to your hotel. So the only solution; if you dont know the native language; is ENGLISH. It starts with a "Please can you help me?!" and then finishes with a " Thank you very much, you really helped me!"

Firstly, you should start leaning some simple expressions. You need to introduce yourself and then explain your problem. For that you should start this Course. 

Secondly, you can use your body to communicate. You can use your gestures, body language and your face expressions. You may mix your English with some moves.

A suggestion for traveller should be also a Mini-Dicitonary. Order them online or buy them on the airport.