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nick hoangthanhbinh8
country New Zealand
languages English, Vietnamese


March 2014 – present: BSc in Maths and Chemistry
Victoria University of Wellington

Subject Title Grade Chem 205: Chemical Synthesis - Laboratory
Component C Chemistry Chem 203: Physical chemistry A Chem 201: Organic chemistry A Chem 202: Inorganic and Materials Chemistry B Chem 114: Principles of Chemistry A Chem 115: Structure and Spectrocopy A Math 243: Multivariable calculus A+ Math 244: Differential equations A+ Math 211: Introduction to analysis, topology and
algebra A+ Math 277: Mathematical statistic B+ Math 142: Calculus 1B A+ Maths Math 151: Algebra A Math 161: Discrete Mathematics and Logic A Math 177: Probability & Decision Modell A+ English Engl 111: Past Masters C


Experience: 3 years

About me

I am a 3rd year student major in math at Victoria University. I am looking for part time job as a math tutor. I am available at 5:30 on Monday and Tuesday and Sunday nights or Saturday morning before 1 pm.


I currently tutor a year 13 student in Calculus. I am also working for the School of Math and Stat for Victoria University. I was a tutor for Numberworks Karori last year. I also did tutor in Calculus and Statistic last year.


With my experience, I am confident to help with passing a test or exam while studying last minutes. I helped a student getting A- in MATH 211 – analysis when tutor him 2 weeks before the exam. I also help couple students getting minimum Achieve grade for NCEA credit as they need help in last minutes.


While doing tutor, I do prefer to get the questions to be sent beforehand for preparation. I think that is the best strategy for using tutorial time. I also like to do hard problems involving a lot of numbers.


Even with experience, tutoring is still very challenging for me. I really enjoy it.


I am looking forward to hear from you about the tutor position.