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nick Mickeybaby
country Philippines
languages English, English, Filipino




Experience: 4 years

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    Hi everyone I am Teacher Jackie and I'm from the Philippines. I have been teaching as a second language to foreign learners like Japanes, Koreans, Taiwanese and Italian, for almost more than 4years now. I can handIe almost all kinds of students from kids to professionals, beginners to advanced learners but kids really have a special place in my heart and that's  why I love to meet different people and i am also funny, knowledgeable, fun to be with and most of all i have the determination when it comes to teaching.

I will make every lesson very eas to  understand and that you love to learn more. What are you waiting for? Come and join me..Let's have fun while learning. See you in my class! ^^


Conversational English

This course aims to improve the student's vocabulary and learn to various experience expressions useful  in a day to day English conversation. It is also suitable for students who wants to be proficient in communicating with different kinds of people in various situations and locations.

Business English

 This course will teach the student usable vocabulary and idiomatic expressions specifically useful in business. It also aims to develop business English skills for presentation, negotation and marketing. It is suitable for professionals, businessmen, business graduates, or those who are simply interested in effectively improving and strengthening their business communication skills at work and in other business-related applications.

Basic English for Children

 This course will teach the student basic English vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions in the form of children stories, games and songs. This is suitable for very  young children and those who are just starting to learn the English language.


This course will teach the student the rules of  English grammar and their usage. It is specifically suitable for students who wants  to improve on their sentence construction both for effective written and oral communication in English.

Article Discussion

In this course, a tutor will be available to discuss with the student a certain article, or item of interest in the news and current events. Will be asked about his thought  and ideas about the topic and be allowed to express his/her own opinion. This is best for students who wants to share their mind and learn how to express their views on certain issues.

Free talk/ Open Conversation

In this course, the student can freely talk about anything under the sun (family, weather, job, fashion, politics and many other topic of interest) It is suitable for students who want to practice their English conversationa skill.