UK Chemist with 2 masters degrees, tutoring up to masters degree level

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20.00 USD /single lesson (45 min.)
Science / Chemistry

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nick critch1990
country United Kingdom
languages English, German


MChem (masters with honours) Chemistry with nanotechnology- The University of Hull, UK

Msc by Research Chemical Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK

Experience: 0 years

About me

I hold 2 masters degrees- an MChem (masters with honours) chemistry with nanotechnology degree and an MSc by Research in Chemical Engineering. I have mentored undergraduate and masters students in the second best chemistry deparment and the third best chemical engineering departments in the UK. I have undertaken interdisciplinary research, so I have a good knowledge of chemistry and to complex levels.

I am looking to break into tutoring by myself as I've enjoyed helping students in the past, it is something that I would like to do full-time. I've helped to run undergraduate workshops in chemistry and chemical engineering and I have also assisted and been the main supervisor on masters degree research projects, for both chemistry and chemical engineering students.

I am a very personable and cheerful person who tries to make the most out of life. I also used to help my fellow students in understanding the course matter when I was at university.

I have also been a laboratory technician at a high school and I have family members who teach science at GCSE, so I am well connected to changes in exams, curriculum etc. I have a good knowledge of science in general. But to start with, I thought I would focus on my main forte- chemistry. However, if you are looking for all the sciences, I would be more than happy to oblige.

I also write technical articles for science and engineering companies around the world. So I convey technical concepts to professional scientists quite often, as I have written many of these on various scientific topics.

It would be possible for me to home tutor in some months, but I travel with my family for others. But please do enquire if you would like home tutoring, rather than online as I may be in the UK and able to come to your house.

I also speak basic german (I used to be more fluent but haven't used it for years), and I am also a drummer who has played all over the UK. I am currently trying to learn a few new languages myself so that I can better fit into other cultures whilst travelling.

Prices vary dependant on level 

Primary school/Casual adult learner- $10 per lesson

GCSE/A-level- $20 per lesson

Degree/masters- $30 per lesson

I also do english lessons/conversational english for non-english speaking people at $12.5 per lesson