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Middle Eastern Arabic

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nick Raghda
country Israel
languages Arabic, English, French


I have been tutoring Arabic for about 5 years now for native and non-native speakers. Tutoring Arabic has helped me in shaping my skill that evaluates studen's weakness and strenghts and thus, finding the most suitable ways to reduce their weaknesses and elevate their sternghts. I have worked with different students from different backgrounds. I have almost dealt with all ages and all levels during my tutoring experince and this eventually helped me in pinpointing what exactly the students need the moment they ask me to help them in Arabic. Therefore, my lessons are guarnteed to give students exactly what they want and even more. 

Experience: 5 years

About me

In this subject, students will havet he chane to learn everything about Arabic from A-Z. This subject will help students in developing their reading skills in Arabic. This will be done by reading short stories at the begining, and then later on, it will focus on reading pieces of litrture. Further, students will have the chance to learn the phonetics of Arabic language and how to read Arabi as a native speaker. Additionally, this subject will help students in developing better writing skills. Students will be required to write short diaries, reviews and short articles. Besides, this subject will offer students the opportunity to be introduced to differnt Arabic dilaects and they will learn how to differentia between Standard and classical Arabic. Lastly, recorded videos and sounds in Arabic will be given to students in order to be exposed to a large amount of Arabic language. These recording and some interviews will be turned into transcriptions as soon as the studnet recieve them. Moreover, in order to have some fun and to break the traditional ways of teaching, student's will be presented to a good amount of Arabic music in different dialects.