Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu

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nick colbyh
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I have been teaching martial arts (kung fu, tai chi, ju jitsu, and qi gong) for over ten years an practicing for more than 20. I have taught adults and children in a variety of settings. I hold a master's rank in several styles of kung fu and a black belt in Ju Jitsu.


Experience: 20 years

About me

My background is in a variety of kung fu styles and small circle ju jitsu, however I generally combine styles and focus on understanding and applying various movements to perform techniques and build individual fighting styles. Training will focus on movements and discussions about their application.

My classes also focus on general martial arts knowledge and theory. My students achieve a very deep understanding of martial arts as an art and as a philosophy, as well as the physical movements. You can expect to improve your health, challenge or enhance your philosophy on life, and learn to defend yourself.

These lesson are a perfect suppliment to in person martial arts classes. I help students better understand the whatever style they are pursuing.


The styles I teach include the following:


Ou-Der Kun Tao (The Way of Military Virtue)

This combination "hard/soft" style originated in Fujian Province about 900 years ago. Due to political issues, the style migrated to Taiwan. On the surface, this style is very aggressive in nature as it was originally a pure battlefield combat style modified and cultivated until codified about 800 years ago. It does, however, contain many softer "inner" concepts that reveal themselves after close analysis.  OuDer has remained unchanged since that time and contains elements from Tiger, grappeling, judo,  chi na (joint manipulation) and several other styles.  (See the Ou Der link on this website for more information).

Tang-Lang (Preying Mantis)

The style we practice is a Northern Style dating from the Song Dynasty.  It uses many hooking type movements, wraps, multiple strike techniques and reinforced movements.  Preying Mantis is considered one of the most profound fighting styles ever developed by the Shaolin temple.  It was designed specifically for a smaller practitioner to combat a much larger attacker.

Lo-Chi-Shou (The Way of the Pointing Hand)

This very rare style of Shaolin dates from the mid-1200's. It was created by a senior monk named Shen Kew combining concepts and movements of several animals including the Crane, Monkey, Mantis and Snake.


This art is the ancient ancestor of modern day Ju-Jitsu, utilizing joint manipulation and locks to direct the opponent into a position of submission.  Concepts of Chin-Na are present in the majority of ancient Chinese martial arts and are incorporated in techniques and kata.