Signals and Systems

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nick R.Chandulal
country India
languages English, Hindi, Telugu


I am currently doing my M.Tech, and my research area is in Digital Signal processing and Image processing. I am professional in Matlab programming and many projects have been professionally done by me with Matlab coding.

Experience: 1 years

About me

In electrical engineering, the fundamental quantity of representing some information is called a signal. It does not matter what the information is i.e; Analog or digital information. In mathematics, a signal is a function that conveys some information. In fact any quantity measurable through time over space or any higher dimension can be taken as a signal. A signal could be of any dimension and could be of any form. It can be Digital and Analog.

Analog Signal:

A signal could be an analog quantity that means it is defined with respect to the time. It is a continuous signal. These signals are defined over continuous independent variables. They are difficult to analyze, as they carry a huge number of values. They are very much accurate due to a large sample of values. In order to store these signals , you require an infinite memory because it can achieve infinite values on a real line. Analog signals are denoted by sin waves. eg:Human voice.

Digital Signal:

As compared to analog signals, digital signals are very easy to analyze. They are discontinuous signals. They are the appropriation of analog signals.

The word digital stands for discrete values and hence it means that they use specific values to represent any information. In digital signal, only two values are used to represent something i-e: 1 and 0 (binary values).