English Conversation for Adults

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nick cindynnk
country Japan
languages English, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay


~*Education Background*~

  • Bachelo r Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Indonesia
  • Master Degree in Structural Engineering, Indonesia
  • current: PhD candidate in Structural Engineering, Japan
~*Teaching Experiences*~
  • 2014~current - Teaching Assistant in Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • 2013~2014 - "Matrix Analysis Structural Method" as Lecturer Assitant
  • 20 13 - "Civil Engineering Building Design" as Lecturer Assistant
  • 2 011 - "Geometric Design of Highway Road" as Lecturer Assistant
  • 2 010 - "English as Second Language" as a part-time teacher 
  • < em>2009 - "Mathematics" as a private tutor
  • etc

~*Previo us Experiences of NON-Engineering Field*~

  • 201 3 - Grantee of Ehime Exchange Summer Camp program, Japan 
  • 2010 - Secretary of Civil English Community (CEC)
  • 2009 - Temporary Reporter of Independent Journalist Team
  • 2008 - Top 5 winner in MEC (Mathematic English Competition), at Universitas Lampung, Indonesia 
  • 2008 - Participant of Mathematics Pre-Olympiad, Indonesia
  • 2 008 - 3rd Winner of Reading Poem for Woman in SAE (Student Art Event), Indonesia
  • 2 006~2008 - 1st Winner in Reading Poem Competition, Indonesia
  • 2 007 - 1st Winner in Speech English Competition, Indonesia
  • 2 007 - 3rd Winner in English Debate Competition, Indonesia
  • 2 007 - 1st Winner in "English Presentation about Healthy Education", Indonesia
  • 2 007 - 1st Winner in "English Presentation about HIV AIDS", Indonesia
  • 2 006 - The best Broadcaster in SSB 91.2 FM Radio Station, Indonesia
  • e tc

Experience: 9 years

About me

Coversational English seems hard?

You can probably think of what you want to say -- BUT! your mouth just cannot produce the words??

So, why is this seemingly simple skill so difficult to master??

You should know that language learning consists of two things : INPUT and OUTPUT

 = All the "listening" and "reading" - everything about the English language that you absorb.
Output = "writing" and "Speaking"

Peope tend to have a harder time dealing with the output because probably you're not getting enough real-word Input 

In this "Everyday English for Adults", is not as typical conversational classes out there. I am providing real-word input. This is not 100% free conversation.
"Because If I let you free, you will be freely going anywhere without right direction to the right end"

So, In this class, I may give you some interactive tasks e.g "short narration" or "short acting tasks" and many other suprising tasks. Then I'll correct you in terms of "grammatical and pronounciation" issue.
The rest of the lesson will be "casual free talk in English"

Please do not take a note during this class and just be relax
"Summary and Review" will be sent to you after the class.

*Look forward to meeting you soon*^^