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Maths online coaching for IB (HL/SL),IGCSE(Add Maths,EXTENDED,CORE) and A LEVEL.

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nick samir1976
country India
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I, Mr. Samir Tripathy, a first class B.E and have been teaching maths for last 20 years for  IB (HL/SL),IGCSE(Add Maths,EXTENDED,CORE) and A LEVEL..

Experience: 20 years

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INTRODUCTION: I, Mr. Samir Tripathy, a first class B.E and have been teaching maths for last 20 years in reputed institutes and apart from that i take home tuitions. i teach maths right from 6th to 12th grade IB (HL/SL),IGCSE(Add Maths,EXTENDED,CORE) and A LEVEL. I teach online to students of India and Abroad as well.    WHY ME ? 1. With my vast experience (around 20 years),indepth knowledge in the subject and much qualified person(B.E First class) i make the subject very interesting, easy to learn and understandable for the students. 2. I have innovative methods of teaching which helps my students to understand the topic very well.i also give short cuts for remembering the formulae as well. 3. I teach according to the level of understanding of the students.I teach a bright student and a weak student according to their respective levels. 4. I have the ability to teach maths of all boards (IB,IGCSE,ISC CBSE and ICSE) equally well.   WHAT IS MY TEACHING METHODOLOGY? I give stress only on understanding the chapter rather mugging  because maths requires complete understanding.At the end of every chapter i give a test in order to know the level of understanding of the student and way of representing the stuff.   HOW I TAKE CLASS? Generally i take for one and half hour and twice a week. During exam time or the student is starting the class in the middle of the academic year then i increase my frequency.   WHY PRIVATE TUITION? private tuition is completely on one to one basis where a teacher understand's the level of the student and teaches accordingly. A student also is free to ask his very own doubts and gets it cleared without becomes easy for the student to understand in less time.It is ideal for brilliant, average and weak students.