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nick emily566211
country United Kingdom
languages English, French


I went through the UK school system, in a Language and Business School, with a short break in the US for one year, and two in Argentina. I currently study History and Philosophy at University. 

I speak a high level of French and a decent level of Spanish. I am so thankful for this as it really helps me to relate to my students and the difficulties and stress of learning a new language. 

My job at home is a Sailing and Yachting Instructor, so I have three years of prior teaching experience , as well as communication and leading classes in extremely stressful situtations/ 

Thi s year has been entirely dedicated to teaching English. I achieved my TEFL certification earlier this year through a company called angloville. Since then, I have taught English in Poland, Czech Republic, Morocco (British Langauge Academy) and now in Romania, both privately and through companies. 

A lot of my private tuition has been business orientated and grammatical, however all of my company work has been colloquiallisms and conversational English. I love the variation of teaching though, as one moment I will be explaning advanced business techniques to an entrepeneur and the next, chatting about my students' favourite Russian Author. 

I have always known that teaching is my calling, I love the excitement I feel when someone finally grasps a new conce[t, or when you see their confidence grow and grow. Also, it's a constant challenge, to find and develop new and better techniques to connect with every student individually. However, this year has taught me that  English, in every form is my true passion, and one which I hope to continue to progress and improve with.

Experience: 4 years

About me

I am a Native Speaker from the UK and have a very traditional, clear accent.

English has never been easier to learn. There is a world of material at your fingertips. From your Netflix account, to the US presedential debates, practicing and engaging with English is seconds away. 

The only problem with that, is where do you begin?

The best way to do this, is to discuss you interests and life. Talking about something personal to you- your stamp collection or scuba diving in the great barrier reef (or anything inbetween!) builds confidence and fluency incredibly fast, and , in my experience, is much more helpful than reciting verb tables and grammatical structure. Comfort is key, so the topic is vital!

However; we need building blocks. 

A handful of  grammar is incredibly important for your first few hours, and to refer back to. If we can conjucate 'to go' and know a few nouns, we can form a sentence, for example, about a holiday. If we have three sentences (three verbs) we have the beginnings of a conversation, and after that, the only thing to do, is expand and improve. 

My job is to provide and help with this, and then learn enough about you to make the 'expansion' simple. Eventually, our conversations will be a natural to and fro, but more on that later!

Along the way, I personalize our time together. For example, a semi-fluent business professional who has an AGM next month, has diffeerent needs than a student who needs help with their Masters' dissertation. So, we just create a unique balance and that's it!