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Grade 9 - 12, College Physics (Electricity & Magnetism, Mechanics, General, Modern, Wave & Optics, Acoustics), GRE (subject) Thermal

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nick tbhattacharya
country India
languages Bengali, English


I completed my PhD (Space Physics) from a reputed university in the USA. I did an MS in Physics before starting my PhD-research. I took different core courses like classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, mathematical methods, etc. during my MS. Different other courses those I took during this time were plasma physics, fluid mechanics, computational physics, etc. The core subject of my research was plasma physics. So, I have a strong hold on this subject.

Before leaving for the US for persuing my PhD I worked as a senior teacher in India for more than 20 years in reputed missionary school. Before joining the school I passed MS (physics) and BS (hons in physics). I sucessfully completed the BEd course while I was working as a teacher there.

I have more than 30 years of teaching experience in the USA and India at different levels.

I enjoy teaching. I have worked as a TA in the Physics Department of one university in the USA for 7 semesters. There I helped the undergrads in solving their homework problems, conducted recitations, and instructed the undergraduates in physics for engineering, science and non-science majors in their labs. I was awarded the 'BEST TA' for my ‘OUTSTANDING TEACHING’ by the Physics Department.

Experience: 30 years

About me

I tutor and guide the students in all the areas of physics up to the graduate level and math up to 12th grade. I help the students is developing a clear concept in physics and mathematics. I have taught in the US as well as in India. I was awarded the best TA of the year for my outstanding teaching in the US.

I guarantee to boost up your confidence in different areas of Physics and Math. I have helped the students of different grades of the high school, undergrads, and graduate students with their physics & math homework or in making a clear understanding of the basic concepts of the subjects. I am passionate about my teaching and use intuitive examples, where possible, to explain different problems of physics. I put stress on providing the basic concept and understanding of the topic related to a particular problem. I have the experience of tutoring all the topics of physics like mechanics, heat & thermodynamics, sound & waves, geometrical & physical optics, electrostatics, electromagnetism, modern physics etc.