Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

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Im doing my Masters in Physics from Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal.

In terested in Theoretical Physics, and also Mathematcs especially abstract algebra.

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Quantum mechanics; By hearing it one may get many questions.what does quantum mechanics mean?why do we need it?what is the imprtance of it?

well i will get into it one by one.

Quantum mechanics is in a sense can be difined as the broader way of looking into nature, and dealing with the phenomena which arises at micro level.

(note:micro here is means the small particles whose size may vary from micro meter to nanometer scale.)

usual physical phenomena which we look around us can be explained through classical mechanics.but when the size of particle decreases there comes a point where the particle shows some unusual phenomena which can be explained using quantum mechanics.

this unusual behaviour is because of dual nature of physical entity,which now i would like to explain you in brief.

usually in classical mechanics we can differentiate a physical entity either as composed of particles or it as wave but not as both.with these assumption scientists could able to explain most of the phenomena.But the actual form of one entity called "Light"(or electromagnetic radiation )was unknown. eventhough most of the phenomena of it (like reflection refraction, interference etc.) could satisfactorily explained through wave nature, when einstein proposed particle nature of light to explain a phenomena of photoelectric effect(emission of electron from the surface of metal when a light of certain frequency falls on it) which exactly predicted the experimental outcome of it; created a dilema among scientists whether light is a wave or particle.

The astonishing result was the light behaved both as a wave and as a particle!!

in certain phenomena it behaved like particle and in others as wave. This gave rise to a concept of dual nature of light.

later deBroglie proposed the hypothesis which stated that with every moving particlre there is an assosiated wave.

How strange is it?then are we associated with wave?are we behaving like wave?

The ans i give is yes!!

but the wavelength of tha wave associated with us is too small to be detected.

then how do we infer that!!

this was  actually verified be an experiment on smaller particles like electrons.

That experiment itself is a wonderful topic to discuss.But for the time being i ll just go through its results.

when a beam of monoenergetic electrons were made to pass through double slit(same set up used to produce interference of waves) even the electrons produced interference pattern which inferred the wave nature of particles!!

This was the turning point in the field of physics that led to the development of new field called Quantum mechanics.

This is it for this part. can contact me for further information

link to know more about Photoelectric effect: