Another Kind of Speech (Figures of Speech)

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Good day and Welcome to my profile ! My name is Athena and I am a Business graduate and currently taking up Linguistics for my Masters. I am also an Online English Teacher and I have taught various nationalities ranging from 5 years old and above! I also do free lance writing and editing of books or magazine articles. My hobbies include, listening to music, playing a few instruments, singing, performing, meeting new people and of course, learning! I enjoy any interesting topic most especially when both the student and I could relate. Now, why would I want to help others facilitate English? Simply because I would want to share my knowledge, share my experiences, give out creative learning ideas while helping others out. I also encourage an interactive learning process, that way both the student and myself would be able to express our ideas, opinions, knowledge, while correcting their grammar, expanding their vocabulary or improving their proficiency in English. I am looking forward to meet and communicate with all of you ! See you soon!

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Always wanted to write a wonderful piece but thought it needed something more? Have you ever thought that your creative juices were not enough to express what you wanted?    Fear no more! If these two questions were applicable to you, then consider trying out this course!    {Syllabus}   This course would include the following topics:   1.) Euphemism 2.) Hyperbole 3.) Irony 4.) Metaphor 5.) Onomatopoeia 6.) Personification 7.) Paradox 8.) Simile  9.) Alliteration  10.) Apostrophe   For each of the types, we would be discussing the meaning and state a lot more examples that would help in defining the type of figure of speech.   {Objective} This course aims to help students understand the meanings and applications of the figures of speech. In addition to that, it would help when it comes to creating a more fruitful conversation and even a wonderful written masterpiece!   {Suitable for} This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in knowing the figures of speech, their definitions as well as their applications. Aside from that, this could also be useful for conversations and written works.    Interested? Give it a try! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me. If I am offline, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you!    Happy Learning !