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ESL tutor (Beginner to Intermediate level)

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nick Angela12
country Philippines
languages English, Tagalog


✔I know that I am not a native speaker, but that is actually a plus. It means I did struggle to achieve the fluency I now have when it comes to speaking English. And I'll tell you the helpful ways I have done. 

✔I grew up communicating in English especially at school, though there may be times where in I am still not familiar with other American, British, Canadian, Australian slang words.

✔I have finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing, not Education. However, a coin has always two sides, that simply means our conversation will not be limited to the subject English, as I can also share what I have learned. 

✔My first job was with an American company. I handled calls/queries related to technical issues of phones, TV, internet and so on. 

✔My second job was in a hospital where I got to practice my field of study. Though it only took two years. 

✔I started teaching English in 2015. I have taught Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. This made me happy. I know how students feel especially when learning gets challenging. So, I promise to do well in every lesson in order for you to improve and be able to retain what has been discussed. Memorizing is a Big "No" when studying English. I'll just let you know what to do when we get to talk. 

*I teach on mobile phone using Skype, Kakaotalk, QQ account and Wechat. Feel free to send me a message here. 

Experience: 2 years

About me

I would like to teach beginner to intermediate level students. I also can teach advanced level students, but it would be more of conversational lessons since some students have achieved fluency.

✔For beginners, I will go through the basic lessons such as pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, intonation and so on.

✔For intermediate, I encourage you to practice your conversational skill, with that being said, I will pay more attention to how you construct your sentences. I will check if there are grammatical errors/lapses.

*I have some prepared lessons, but you can freely choose which topic you would like me to discuss as I am very considerate to my students. Just make sure that it is within the scope of what I teach. 

IMPORTANT: Kindly send me a message of your preferred date and time using the following platforms: 

Skype: tutor.gela

QQ: 3090393979

Wechat: gelafidmar 

Kakaotalk: Angela