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Fundamentals of Medicine, Biology and Pre-medical subjects.

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nick diptajit
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi, Russian, Ukrainian


I have graduated from Medical School as an MD on 2015, and have worked part time as a tutor for 5 years since 2010, teaching mainly pre-medical, medical  and allied subjects. 

I have also worked part time with the US Embassy in Kiev as one of their language coordinators teaching ESL to non native english speakers for 5years. 

I have remained as the director of coordination and teaching of Window in America Centre for 1 year in Kyiv , working as a facilitator and coordinator to improve linguistic consciousness in native Ukrainian Students. 

  Since I have been a student myself not so long ago, I understand the financial constraints one might be into, so I believe my tutoring rates are reasonable enough for most students to afford. Please do let me know, in case its not, because according to me money should never be an obstacle to learning, Learned it the hard way. 

Experience: 5 years

About me

I am Dr. Diptajit Basak, MD and primarily deal with pre-medical, medical biology and allied subjects, including Physiology, Anatomy,, Pharmacology, Medicine and others. 

My specialty lies in lucid explanation of commonly confused subjects like Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Radiology, Anatomy and others. 

I am also an HIV/AIDS researcher and equally apt to answer questions from subjects of Immunology, Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. 

It is of my firm belief that education is based upon the fundamental doctrine of grasping the core idea of a subject and not just grasping the concepts. One can only grasp the concept if he/she is familiar enough with the idea and philosophy of the subject. There is nothing that cannot be explained with logic, everthing has a reason for its existence and use. 

My classes are extremely communicative and I overwhelmingly encourage cross questioning, because I believe questions arise only with the advent of understanding and curiosity. 

"A good teacher educates a student, whereas a Great teacher invokes curiosity into the mind of the student about the subject" 

I have 3 rules for students attending my classes:

1. I don't judge your standard, so please don't judge yourself. 

2. If you can't think of a question, then make up a question 

3. If you are smart enough to enrol yourself to this complicated platform, that makes you smart enough to master this subject



check me out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as0pnk56UFc