Hi there! My name is Jha. Join me to discover fun and interesting ways of learning English online! See you in one of my class!

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nick Jhafloreso7
country Philippines
languages English, Filipino


I studied Business and office information Services and I also took up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English, I had an experience working in a Call Center or BPO Industry here in Manila since 2013, ranking from customer service,to financial service and to Technical service. I handled International accounts like Dish Cable, Moneygram USA and Samsung USA.I am an ESL Instructor or English Second Language Teacher. I've been teaching English for Koreans for more than a year now.

Experience: 1 years

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Hi there,this is teacher Josty, I am 25 years old, I am currently living in the Philippines. I am a team player, friendly, kind, cheerful and smart. I have passion in teaching and helping other people. I am always ready to face challenges and get along with people very well. I believe in vision and action. I mingle with people very easily and have strong interpersonal skills. I come up with creative solutions to challenges in job.

English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers.Throughout the world, when people with different languages come together, they commonly use English to communicate.. Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions, My Mother is also a teacher, she is my inspiration that is why I studied Education, and now I'm here so it's my turn to share what I've learned. Do you want to learn more about English? I'll be glad to help you. I'll make sure you will learn and you will have fun while studying.. You can do it, just believe in yourself. I'm very excited to meet you and to become your teacher..