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Science / Physics

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nick rkcse012
country India
languages English, Hindi


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2012. After completing my Bachelors, I came in contact with some students in 2013 and started teaching them physics. I have been teaching physics since 2013. I chose physics because I have been very dedicated to this subject since my schooldays. I got top marks in physics in the 10th standard. Physics comes to me naturally and especially I love Optics and Magnetism. I always had a question in my mind during my early schooldays that how a rainbow appears in the sky and why it appears only after rain. One of my Physics teachers explained it in the later classes by using a prism. I realized that physics is the subject which can explain almost every natural phenomenon with the help of an abstract concept. For example, I give an example of an athlete executes a high jump by pushing against the earth which, in turn, pushes him/her up in the air to describe newton’s third law. I give an example of situation when one pump a bicycle tire with air, the pressure on the air pump increases which as a result decreases the volume to describe the Boyle’s law. These are the types of examples which I give to the students in order to example the difficult concepts. I have also been a part of a social campaign. I spent around two years teaching economically weaker students. My interest in teaching grown over the few years and now I decided to make it as my career. It is the job which you have to interact directly with the young and innovative minds which I like most.

Experience: 2 years

About me

 I have been teaching basic Physics since 2013. Now I am very confident in teaching this subject. I try to use various different approaches to solve a problem. It gives better understanding about the problem and its solution.