Natural Healing and Wellness Tips

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nick JoeHealthCoach1
country Thailand
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I am a Health Coach/Researcher with 17 years of experience in Natural Healing. I was the Founder and Lab Manager of one of the only Self-serve Healing Laboratories in the world called The Maui Research Institute. I have seen record breaking recovery in many cases that the researchers accomplished in our lab. I taught them how to get to the root cause of their problems not just how to mask their symptoms. I used natural options for any and all health issues. The lessons discussed herbs and Frequency Healing just to name a few. My background is also in Electrical Engineering so I was able to create frequency generators that could produce healing frequencies.  

Experience: 17 years

About me

I am a Health Coach with 17 years of experience who teaches how to detox the body and to provide the necessary oxygen and minerals to prevent and cure all diseases. I teach Natural Healing such as the use of herbs and Frequency Healing.  I have the ability to take complicated healing modalities and explain them in a easy, simple to use methods. I have gathered information from hundreds of resources. I have seen miraculous results with many of the modalities that I teach. I explain how to get the body to heal itself and how to get to the root causes of the illness not just how to mask the symptoms which is the approach of Western medicine.  I can teach how to improve your health and how to maintain good health.