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Pass Chemistry Exam today! (IB, General, Organic)

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nick AidaScience
country Croatia
languages Croatian, English


During the studies Aida received most prestegious awards; Rector's Prize for prestegious publication and three Dean's awards. At the same time she received the scholarship from Mayor of Zagreb on the basis of excellence in college.

At the same time she was helping students to pass exams in mathematics, physics and chemistry where she discoved her love toward teaching others. Aida is currently giving private lessons in Croatia and Czech Republic (online for private school Riverside High School) from chemistry, maths, physics and molecular biology. In addition, she is working on recording online courses from chemistry, maths and physics where she tries to inspire everyone to learn those difficult subjects. She believes that harnessing technology can enhance learning and deepen the connections between people in general.

Experience: 5 years

About me

Hi there and Welcome!


I'm Master of Engineering with over 5 years of teaching experience in science subjects (Chemistry, Physics amd Maths).

Let me show you how you will achieve better grades today!

My way of teaching is quite different than you are probably used to. Firstly I am getting to know you in an informal way - we're starting with questions like what are your troubles with the subject, do you maybe have some gaps in the knowledge, and what would you like to achieve after completeng this lesson.

This small conversation is involved into test lesson which is completely free - so you can realize yourself if this style of tutoring is for you or not! Without any obligations!

After getting to know you, I'm writing notes to see how can I help you. My teaching methodology include electronic board so you will be provided with notes in PDF form for each topic. I'm using all the varieties of colors to make things more interesting :)

It is really important for me that during the lesson you ask the questions ( don't need to be shy, that's why I'm here), and before the lesson provide me with the name of the topic you are struggaling with (and the materials, if neccessary).

So, contact me now and finally learn some chemistry! ;) :)