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Mathematics and Engineering Science

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I have a diploma in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.I am a qualified Assessor and Moderator.With over 3 years in the teaching field i am qualified to teach Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from primary level to high school level.

In 2014 i wa a study and facilitator in technical subjects like Mathematics ,Science and Business English at Foundation College in Pretoria for a year.Am currently  working at Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies in Johannesburg South Africa. I am a lecturer for Electrical Engineering for the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) teaching level 2 ,3 and 4 at advanced level.

Experience: 4 years

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Hie everyone.

My name is Abigail Pretty Moyo.I am a South African lady aged 22, born and raised in Johannesburg.Currently i am a lecturer of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies in South Africa.I have a diploma in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.I have over 3 years teaching Science and Mathematics for high school and primary level.With my good educational background i am  uniquely qualified to help you with Science and any Mathematics problems which are challenging you.

My passion for Engineering  have been met beyond gastronomy!Science and Maths have been a large part of my positive and wonderful experience.We come across new inventions,machineries and technology and all that is a result of science at work.Numbers and calculations help us simplify and breakdown large and complicated figures to solve our social ,economic and physical problems. I reflect on my performance continually and that has made all the difference.I have endeavored to bring my best to the table each and every day.

Many schools face the reality of limitations such as finances ,material resources ,and teacher to student ratios.With my engineering background i see this as an exciting challenge.During my years of teaching ,i have had very little budget ,yet i was able to provide my students with many practical tools to aid them in their education.My creativity have also been demonstrated by unique and highly successful classroom management strategies.

Reputation is earned,never gained.Why did students jump out of thir seats and cheer when they learned that i will be subbing for their class?Why did my professors who have taught for thirty years comment that i am in the top 1% of students they have taught in their career.It is because detail matter in the job well done.

Like running a marathon ,teaching takes dedication through thick and thin.Great teachers are consistently dedicated to each and every student in their care because every child matters.Every child is somebody's beloved son or daughter.We are helping to shape their hopes,dreams ,and futures by going that extra mile.When i teach ,i fully understand the value of evry moment spent making this world a better place for the next generation.That is the legacy our generation must leave.

The passion for teaching Science and Mathematics is wired into the core of my being.It makes me to come alive.I will accept nothing less of myself than to become a great teacher,not for myself but for the best interests of my students and our future.Education is the key to success.Let's get started!