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nick AninditaM
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi


W< em>inners never quit

Quitters never win”

  The above quotation well describes my philosophy of life. Right from my childhood till date, I always tried to pursue fruitful accomplishment. I believe social, humanitarian, creative, ethical values are more important in life than material possession. This very mental standard put me apart from others.

 I earned the Amity and National Solidarity award in 1989 for essay writing from the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. I passed the NCC Grade ‘A’ exam with flying colours. I was the school captain of a very reputed school. I earned enormous appreciation and reputation for my recitation, theatre, debate, elocution, compering and essay writing at zonal and state level. During the days of my graduation and masters in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, I was actively associated with various leadership activities I was very actively involved into providing examination suggestions and tuitions to my juniors. This trend even continued when I was in US keeping myself busy in cultural and literary accomplishments. I have aso done B.ED, CTET qualified.


Writing being my passion, I was into travel journalism corresponding for “Tourism and Wildlife” from Kolkata. I started my career as a Head mistress and Administrator ma naging 40 teachers and 1100 students with dignity and discipline.


Throughout my career till now apart from regular teaching I have been deeply involved in various administrative roles as the HOD, CCE coordinator, Teacher Recruitment Process, Examination Dept., Function and Observation In charge, Interfacing The Media. 

&nbs p;The following is an open letter addressed to me in the Facebook by one of my student now pursuing higher studies in Law.


July 14 ·& nbsp;Bangalore · 

Dedicating all this to you, Ma'am. I can still recall how dumb i actually felt in the class because i had no idea what Justice or Equality as a concept was. From the moment, you became my teacher, i always knew you'll make something out of me. You were like a best friend to me, to whom i could confide everything that was on my mind. And mam, thank you for never judging me in anyway. That made you so special to me. Mam, i really wish i could sit with you now, and listen to you and Rohit debate on article 21 all over again. Separation hurts. But I've been taught, its normal. I really am out of words right now, since I'm letting my emotions rule today. I wish i could find you every time i go home. I wish i could still see you. But then there's this tragic reality that you're moving away. I'm the happiest person today, to have met a godmother. Im not calling you up because i can barely speak a word. Ma'am, everytime you visit wherever i am, please give me a call. I dont mind missing the world to see you. 
Welcome to my circle of love. 



I look forward to pursue a successful educational administrative and academic career, for I believe I am born to live with it and die without it.

Experience: 14 years

About me

 I feel History is completely and intensely fascinating. History is like an extraordinary tapestry, where every civilization that has come and gone, left their mark for future generations to discover and learn from. It is from this tapestry that our contemporary society is continuously learning from, endeavoring not to repeat the mistakes of the past. While some see civilization, as it exists today, above reproach or consequence, let's not forget there were those in the past who felt the same, and where do they find themselves now? A footnote on which other peoples built their legacies.

That is the importance of history.Because life itself has to move forward, ever developing despite so many hardship around us. History gives me an opportunity to view how the people before me made decisions and endured them.

And arguably humanity was at its peak long before I was born. Architecture and build quality a hundred years ago, clothing and handicraft as well as a sense of purpose and tradition so often lacking today. Despite so many things that have improved, our health for example the world feels quite plastic in many ways, which makes me respect the durability of older times.