how to become happy

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nick prachi.123
country India
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MTech in wireless communication 

ex perience 2years of teaching in engineering college and 14 months in software field.

A registered faculty of human values and professional Ethics

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hello friends

this  notes should be two way communication.. then only you can become happy..

one important rule of my lecture : don't think i am right, listen,read and realise by your own what is right 

take a paper and pen

We all say that we have lots of desire... list all your desire... yes i am serious write all on your paper.. they will come true..

 house, car, bike, iphone, good job, good partner, branded clother, makeup .. ..

I am sure that not more than one paper  is filled with your desire....

think when you were writing about your desire ..... what was common......

.....  your happiness... 

each time you think of your desire  your soul become happy..

so, what we actually want..... Happiness and prosperity......

but are we happy and prosperous....???

if these things come in your life... you have a guarentee that you will be happy???

I want to know how these three points are numbered in your lifr...

A) relationship B) right understanding C) physical facilties

think and why......


the correct : 1) right understanding 2) relationship and 3)physical facilities

i am not saying physical facilities are not necessary but alone they are not complete.

I think if we have right understanding then we can make our relationship (with our dear and near onces and with our society) good and if we have right understanding they we can make  use of physical facilties in a better way..


how will we know that  we have right understanding....

right understanding depends upon four pillars...1) Individual 2) Family 3)Society 4)Nature

by our any action or relation if the harmony of  any of  one these pillar break then your  action and work is not correct...


think about that .....


next time i will explain how to maintain harmony and control anger


with love

Prachi verma