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Talk, Listen and Understand like a Naive English Speaker!

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nick conversationstation
country Thailand
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Bachelor of Arts TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Cetificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). 

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E nglish Teacher to both Children and Adults in Asia.Online English Teaching. One to One English Teaching. Special Needs Tutor. in UK. Lecturer in Radio Skills in UK. Radio Broadcaster in UK.

Experience: 25 years

About me

Hi, I`m Peter, for many years a UK radio presenter, now an English conversation teacher living in Bangkok, Thailand.

I mentioned my experience as a former radio presenter because it is important to what I now do. Now, as an English conversation teacher, my years holding various types of conversations on the radio allow me to hold conversations with my students in a relaxed and friendly manner. I can put you at ease quickly so your learning becomes fun, and if we have fun, we learn more quickly.

You cannot learn to speak English by instruction alone. Like learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, or to drive a car, learning to speak English is something you have to actually 'do'. It has to be practiced in real life situations.

And that`s where I come in... I specialise in English conversation.

It`s a two way thing... I converse with you and you will inherently learn pronunciation, sentence structure and the rhythm of my native English speech. You will also discover new vocabulary and I explain the meaning of this new or unfamiliar vocabulary in detail.

You converse with me and I correct any errors and discuss various ways to improve your speech.

Do not worry about your present level of English speaking or your knowledge of any particular subject. I know exactly how to get a conversation under way, how to choose pre determined topics that will interest you and how to steer our conversations so they are enjoyable, friendly and, above all, stick in your mind.

So, if you want to talk like a native English speaker, to understand both speaking and listening to English, come on in, sign up for my fee consultation through Buddyschool. com now!