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Beginner: English Reading & Speaking (Pronunciation / Grammar)

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nick Mireil
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This lesson will aim to improve your speaking by helping with your pronunciation and sentence formation (which includes grammar). Your reading will also improve through the speaking as we will cover some reading materials.


▪ We can start by you talking about your day or a topic of your choice (whatever you would like to talk about). 


▪ Next, I will choose an article based on your topic or from another topic of choice which you will need to read. We will then go through some of the sentences and work on any words you may of have struggled with (in terms of pronunciation). 


At the end of the lesson, if there is time left, you can ask how to pronounce any other words that you have been struggling with.


I would advise that you prepare notes on what topic you would like to talk about. If you have an article or a reading that you want us to read instead, then prepare the website links to it so that we can work on it instead. Otherwise I will choose one instead. 


Please tell me your choosen topics when booking the lesson so that I can also prepare some materials for you (no time is then wasted by researching the topic during the lesson).


Test Lessons


Test lessons will involve a 20 minutes chat about a topic of your choice. You can prepare a short reading article of your choice or we can talk about any other topics of your choice. Ultimately I can answer questions you may have about your pronunciation or reading.


Cancel Time:


Please note that if you can no longer make it to the lesson, then you must cancel the lesson at least 6 hours before the lesson starts.


I look forward to speaking to you and seeing your topics. 😊


Best Regards,