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nick AlexanderRasol
country Costa Rica
languages English, Spanish


I was educated in private schools in California through high school, and then went on to university to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of California.  I first attended UC Berkeley where I took most of my 'hard science' classes (chemistry, physics), plus many electives including philosophy, anthropology, and psychology.  I then transferred to UC Santa Cruz, graduating from their Biology Department.

Experience: 20 years

About me

I am a deeply experienced published author (a guidebook of Costa Rica) and published writer in English (magazines, internet articles, and my own surfer/spiritual blog).  I graduated from the University of California with honors in biology (also studying philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and even film and art history), and went on to a career in sales and marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area, also helping to establish new companies as an entrepreneur.  I moved to Costa Rica in the 1990's, created my own successful businesses (product sales and distribution, marketing, real estate, business administration, etc.), and became fluent in conversational, legal and business Spanish.  I also raised Costa Rican foster children, as well as my own two daughters more recently with a Costa Rican woman.  I have been very active globally via internet and social media, primarily as a blogger and information provider, but also as a Peronsal Life Coach & Guide in the last few years.  I can teach English up to professional university and international business levels, as well as from 'ghetto' and 'surfer' slang through all social levels to upper-class/diplomatic lexicons (for international business/political purposes).  I also value a good sense of humor, and like to use short stories and metaphors when teaching challenging linguistic conventions and phraseology.  Whatever works best for my students! :-)