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Make your current level of English shine in the Business world.

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nick Bobby1Bobby
country South Africa
languages Afrikaans, English



I have an Associate degree in Cost and Management Accounting (3 years), majoring in Financial Accounting and Cost and Management Accounting.

I also have an Associate Degree in Production Management ( 3 years), majoring in Production Management, Production Management Techniques (Decision Making) and 2 years of Work study.

Furthermore I completed a course in Marketing at MBA level with the Herriot Watt Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I was employed as Inventory and Logistics ( Supply Chain ) Director at a multinational manufacturing company and served on the board for many years. I believe that this experience is equal to an MBA in itself.

I am well versed in software development as well and headed up the development of all supply chain management software, decision making and business intelligence software. 

Experience: 35 years

About me

I have taught around 840 English lessons to Asian students wanting to learn the English language for many reasons. One of the most important is the ability to be able to communicate effectively in an International business world that is primarily English. Today English is used to communicate extensively in business where both parties are not native speakers of the language, but use it to breach the gap between many foreign languages. I would like to help students to breach that gap.

All students are at their own level of learning, but I believe that the most important issue is to be able to practice speaking the language. This is an area that many students often shy away from, but I will help each individual to maximize the presentation of their personal level of English by helping them to correct pronunciation using techniques I have developed.

I realize the difficulty that students have trying to pronounce sounds that are foreign to their home language, but have developed fun ways to help students in a friendly, positive and respectful way. I believe that every student should leave a class feeling that they have mastered something in that specific lesson and can take something away to perfect in their use of the English language.

My background is business related with qualifications in Cost and Management Accounting, Production Management and Marketing. I have many years of experience of dealing with suppliers from Asian countries and would like to help any interested students to reach their goals. It is from this background that I would like to teach motivated students by not only teaching English or creating a platform for students to practice their skills, but to be able to discuss any business related subjects in English as well.