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nick kjust
country South Africa
languages Afrikaans, English


Marketing Space Diploma West Africa - 2007

Dj and Events Certification - 2008

Diploma in Policing,South African Law and Public Speaking -  2008

Corel Graphic design certification - 2010

2 Languageworks certifications 2014-2015

"There is no other teacher like experience".

I am a young South African whom speaks English as a first language. I am currently employed part-time on a voluntary basis by the South African police services to assist in local communities. My duties include presentation and public talks on abuse, home violence and self-development programs to many non-English speaking South Africans.

My main interest and source of  income is ofcourse business and working with people.I have a company which I have been running since I was 15 years old (13 years ago) whereby I have undertaken different markets such as:

Promotions and sales (Retail and Corporate)

Marketing services such as graphic design and business consulting where I would assist a company from their brand identity to a full marketing strategy I not only advised these companies but supplied them to.

Creation and development of new products for South African & Western markets. MY project over the last 4 years was a home improvement product for the general population distributed through the Walmart/Massmart group.This endeavour led me to Portugal twice, Canada once and Shangha,i China twice.

I have recently travelled to Thailand to inspect their market and products.

I have worked with many markets and businesses to understand and advise accordingly.I am young, experienced and ambitious. 

< strong>'The World is a Big Place lets Succeed Together".

Skype - roconjustin

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Experience: 13 years

About me

Why choose my services?

In my class you will have the unique opportunity to learn what you need to know to achieve your desired goal in the English speaking business world. I believe that you as my client I shall teach you what YOU WANT to know.

Once I understand you and your goals we can work together in achieving these goals, with me you might only need 1 lesson or many lessons to get this goal of yours. I believe in getting to the point and educating you with practical knowledge not just text-book learning.

Services Available:

Western Culture.

Western Business Ethics,Greeting and Conduct.

Travel to you services.

Pronounciation and Grammar.

Business/General Vocabulary.

Business Advice.

Western Marketing Strategies.

Creative Input.

General Conversation.

Achieving your Goal Together.