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Learn English and HAVE a Stress Reliever

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nick maryguzzi
country United States
languages English, Filipino


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Philippine Womens University, Philippines.

Certified ALF MedTech (American Safety & Health Institute)

CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer (American Safety & Health Institute)

Basic First Aid Provider (American Safety & Health Institute)

Certified Teen Counselor  in Abuse Council (American Safety & Health Institute)

Experience: 10 years

About me

I am Mary, an offline part time counselor for stress management specifically for teens ages 14-16 yrs old. But I am not going to accept those ages online. Reasons could be vary for so many things. I was teaching English Language online in the year 2011-2014 at GC English Online Tutorial, which I partly owned. But because I moved here in the US, everything have changed since then. Me and my business partner that time mutually agreed to close the online tutorial school due to no time at all and the changes of our sorroundings. Now I am back Online. This time, I am not only going to share or teach English grammars, vocabulary, spellings and so on... I want it completely different, I want you to experience that to learn is also one of the ways to release our stress. 

Communication is the most important thing in every aspects of our lives. I am not a Native English speaker but it does'nt mean I cannot converse using the language. English language is always been my second language. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and as I started going to school, English subject was always  there until I graduated college. There is one thing we have to realise that to study without putting it to practice in a daily basis won't be that effective. There's a saying goes like this; Practice makes percfect. Contrary to that goes the saying; Nobody is perfect. I disagree with that. To each their own. Dream Big, Aim High!  And that mind setting is the best stress reliever that we can treat to ourselves. 

There will be a lot of commentators that will react and question how it's going to be possible to Learn English and at the same time As a Stress Reliever? Before having a connection with me, I want you to ask yourself 3 basic questions:

> Why do I want to enroll in this subject matter?

> What are the things I am expecting for?

> How much timeframe I would expect to fluently speak English? 

If you are being so focused on those three basic questions, all of the basic answers, TO LEARN!

First, why do I want to enroll in this subject matter? TO LEARN! Second, what are the things I am expecting for? TO LEARN! Third, how much timeframe I would ecpect to fluently speak English? When you LEARNED!

"Oh yes, those were my thoughts!" Well, awesome! But I hope you will never be on my class! I don't need people who are having thoughts like that! TO LEARN, TO LEARN, TO LEARN! That is where the stress began!

Before having a connection with me, I am hoping you will sit back and talk to yourself:

> Am I ready?

> Am I motivated?

> Am I open to accept new things in learning? 

"YES." Then, what are you waiting for? Buckle up! And join me!

I am giving a 10 minute test lesson as they call it, I call it INTRODUCTORY.

I am available Thursdays and Saturdays for now. Day time (Daytona Beach, Florida time.)

Your profile must be completed to be able for me to read what is written there (apparently) and have me assess your profile so I can give you a better INTRODUCTORY that fits your need.

You must be 18 years old. And can at least speak Basic English!