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Conversational English with Seth

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nick pagsethd
country Philippines
languages Cebuano, English, Tagalog


Hi my name is Seth Drick from the Philippines, I graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, when it comes to my teaching abilities and experience I have been teaching for almost 4 and a half years now, handling classes from all types of age groups, I can teach Kids, Teenagers and Adults from beginner to advance.

I believe in the power of self confidence, I was a product of learning English at school and universities, that has taught me English grammar but never conversation skills the actual communication in English was a disaster for me, I was asking myself what is wrong with me inside and out I deeply understand English.

 and so I engaged myself to having the right experience to be able to speak the English fluently. by being a consultant for an American company, day and night I was receiving calls from the states, and at the same time I was a part time online English teacher that time, so if you have some questions for me about the American culture I can help you with that.

And so my teaching style is full of methods in building self confidence and defeating the fear of English speaking. I deeply understand how you feel I am also a language student, I take Spanish classes from time to time and I pretty much know how hard it is to be a language student.

Let me help you achieve your goals, If you have specific lessons you want to learn, let me know and I will do my best to help you..

See you soon in my class.

Experience: 4 years

About me

This is a Learning Material that would help you communicate in english. From greeting of learned people for the alphabet and simple words.
It has a lot of variety of topics to choose from.

Such as:
Basic Conversation:
Self Introduction to the underlying of the conversation.You will learn here some basic greetings.It also has different levels for beginners depending on the student's knowledge.
example topics are introductions part I and part II,Day to Day habit,pets,work etc.

Daily Conversation: in this lesson,you will learn on how to familiarize the directions,etc.Best choice for beginners.

Daily Conversation Intermediate:
in this lesson we will discuss things
such as daily life,jobs,vacation,anything that suits your interests..

I assure you that finishing this course will help you improve your skills on doing conversation and compose your thoughts confidently this will also help you with your vocabulary and grammar.