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nick gabriele
country Spain
languages English, German


I am the founder of " tools of consciousness "  , yogateacher ( specialized in postnatal aftercare for mums and babies  ) , reikimaster/teacher and certified educator . 

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and keep on studying with " access"  , as with more awarness there is much more to receive -  achieve and contribute  .  I have been teaching holistic tools and consciousness for the last 20 years in schools , nurseries, as a headteacher training staff  , employed and selfemployed.  I contributed  youthprojects in social hotspots  to start up ,  which now run very successfull. The last 6 years I worked very intense with young mothers and their babies as well as families with toddlers and single parents .

I am now traveling with my 6 year old daughter and facilitate classes and sessions whereever it takes us . Connect to you as soon as possible.

Experience: 20 years

About me

What if a joyful life and living is just a choice ? What would it take to choose from a space of ease ( instead of distraction and judgement ) so all the things you desire in your life can really show up ? What if it is possible to clear all limitations etc. with total ease ? Who are you being in certain situations and how to change this into truly being you !  What choices do you truly have if you get triggered by your child - spouse - friend etc.  By focusing " what is right about you " we  create together , a space of expansion,  from where more doors of possibilities will open than you could ever imagine . The " tools of consciousness" I teach , have changed and expanded my life and if you are willing to choose - could change and expand your life as well. How does it get any better than this  !   If you read this and ask yourself if its for you - ask " what will choosing this create in my life and living " ! Put your barriers down, receive the energy  and get into the awarness of what feels light for you . You will receive questions to ask , which take you beyond the limitiations - expectations - projections - seperations  - conclusions - rejections of everything,  you so far believed is your reality , unchangeable and true. What else is possible you have not yet considered - I wonder - lets find out - start now