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Accounting is Fun - Introduction to Accounts for / post secondary / class 11 and 12 / For Startups - An introduction of accounting and Cash Flows

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Business / Finance & Accounting

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nick Clarity11
country India
languages English, German, Hindi


I have a Chartered Accountancy qualification in India. 

I have taught courses for CPA students, Accounting, Regulation, Audit and Business Environment, and Concepts

I have also taught Strategic Finance to MBA students at the University of Bedfordshire via their Center at the British Council in Delhi

Experience: 3 years

About me

Hi, I teach Accounts and I specialize in simplifying accounts to beginners. I set up an introduction and quickly move into real-time problem-solving. A lesson I learned during my stint teaching at an Institute in New York. I am a qualified accounting professional teaching accounts for more than 3.5 years both in the USA as well as India. Overall I have accounting work experience totaling 19+ years

Methodology - I use examples extensively in explaining the concepts used to solve the problem. Then I try to explain the arranging of each working note in a manner that leads to the solution. Lastly, I deal with the presentation issues to get maximum marks.

I use a lot of problem-solving and usually try to break down the concepts into individual components showing how each one contributes to the solution of the accounting problem.

I am a full-time trainer/ teacher and it is my passion to teach. I am very sure that your learning from these lessons will be valuable to you.

This course can be taken by beginners Class 11 / Grade 11, Class 12 / Grade 12 ( i.e post-secondary ) / Introduction of Accounting and Cash Flows for Start-Ups