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7+ Years Experience: English Grammar; Conversational English; Writing Composition; Reading Fluency; Vocabulary Development

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nick erricor
country United States
languages English



Seattle University

B.S. in Psychology, Journalism Minor

09.2008 – 06.2012


Teaching Experience


Destinati on Science, Los Angeles, CA


Scien ce Teacher


06.2016 – 08.2016


  • Teach science and robotics curriculum to children grades 2 through 7.

  • Develop and implement lesson plans.

  • Reach academic benchmarks with each student.

  • Provide academic and behavioral progress reports to parents and academic supervisors.




Parliamen t Tutors,Seattl e, WA


Middl e School Tutor


11.2015 – 03.2016


  • Tutor middle school students one-to-one on history, English, science, writing composition and test preparation.

  • Develop and implement tutoring lesson plans.

  • Successfully support students in improving academic performance, test scores, and homework completion.




Small World Int'l Format Television, Los Angeles, CA


Assis tant Content Researcher


02.2015 – 10.2016


  • Research format-applicable content for use by editors and content curators.

  • Compile, format, and edit program content, with references for the global media company.

    • Append program content for target audiences and to satisfy evolving demands and goals.

  • Routinely organize and outline content developments and modifications to create succinct reports used in company correspondence by team supervisor.




YBM ECC, Bundang, South Korea


Nativ e English Teacher


12.2012 – 02.2015


  • Contributed to the cumulative experience and resources of the ECC team in developing, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive program for teaching English to Koreans.

  • Developed creativity in the instructional program, taught oral and written English, and supported the philosophy and goals of the school.

  • Worked closely with the Academic supervisor and other colleagues in the planning, execution, and review of English instruction.

  • Organized and hosted English competitions, field trips, and global-culture enrichment activities.




Eleme ntary, Middle and High School Tutor, Seoul, South Korea


06.2014 – 11. 2014


  • Tutor Korean students one-to-one on English vocabulary, reading and writing composition.

  • Develop and implement tutoring lesson plans.

  • Provide academic progress reports to parents.


Experience: 5 years

About me

         Finding myself in the role of an educator for the past 5 years, the spirit and philosophies of teaching come naturally to me. I have a diverse skill set of tutoring methods and a comprehensive knowledge base up to and including GRE level curriculum.

         I am committed to developing individualized tutoring approaches to ensure personal, academic, and professional success for the full range of learning styles a student possesses. I can provide a variety of study strategies tailored to each individual's strengths and needs. My method of accommodating multiple learning styles allows students to build on each successive lesson and achieve progressively higher academic goals.

         My fluency in multiple study methods allows me satisfy a variety of demands such as short term and long term tutoring goals.